Using Skinparams to Format and Style Diagrams

You can control how your diagrams look – the _style_ – with skin parameters, or “skin_param” settings.

(“skin” comes from… and param = parameter)

you can put in individual settings in your diagram:#(example)

or you can create a separate file with all of the skin_param settings that you like#and then tell your diagrams to “include” your skin_param settings file:#(example)

This will apply _all_ of the settings in your skin_param settings file to your diagram.

  • can be used in a single line in a diagram
    • no matter where the skinparam line is in a diagram, it will be applied to the whole diagram. In other words, you can put the skinparam as the last line in a diagram and it will be applied to the whole diagram, even the lines before it.
  • can be used in an included file
  • those that start with common words can be nested. Ex:….


example of how to / what it means to “nest” skinparams. Ex: XFontSize, XFontStyle …. SequenceZZZ, SequenceYYYYY

  • if there is more than 1 use of the same skinparam, the last skinparam is the one that is used. Ex:….


example of more than 1 use of the same skinparam, the last one is used.

  • upper or lowercase is fine. Case is ignored.

Example of using DEFAULTs with !define preprocessing directive